Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten months

Okay, okay, I've been a slacker when it comes to blogging. I haven't been a slacker when it comes to monthly photos though, so here they are:

Our little hunny bunny is now 10 months old! Where is the pause button?!

A photo update to catch you up

November 2011

Trying to distract me for Daylight Savings.

Out to a breakfast date with my Mama on my 8 month birthday.


My first haircut!

But Mama can still do pigtails!



Big and Little!

DJ "E" hard at work.

Co-ed bathtime!

December 2011


"Josh, I have some things I need to tell you..."

Pears are so yummy!

Papa showing me what snow feels like for the first time.

Le Sigh

Santa you have great taste in presents!

Papa helping me open one of my first Christmas presents on Christmas Eve

"Mama, the phone is for me!"

My Uncle Andrew helping me open my present.

Thanks for the car Baba!